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CEM703  Superhero Cape For Children
1.62 - 2.28 / Min. Qty: 100
This superhero cape is made of satin with Velcro tab closure, easily for Children to get on and off. It's great for parties, dress up, holiday activities and so on. Your company information and logo can be imprinted ...

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CEM704  Superhero Cape For Adult
2.27 - 3.27 / Min. Qty: 50
It's made of satin material, which is glossy and shiny. Good choice for parties, Halloween costumes, night events and other occasions. With large imprint area on the back can make brand exposure.

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CEW610  Child Superhero Cape
2.00 - 2.95 / Min. Qty: 100
The child size cape is made of soft satin with string closure, it is comfortable to wear for children and easy to put on and take off, it can be used for holiday parties, concerts, clubs, sport events, grand openings ...

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CEZ603  Adult Super Hero Cape
2.58 - 3.42 / Min. Qty: 500
The adult super hero cape is made of satin fabric and polyester with string tie closure. It features adjustable neck strap closure and a large imprint area. It combines the fashion idea and creative design, ready ...

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SS7990  LED Shamrock Sunglasses
2.83 - 3.49 / Min. Qty: 500
Party on with the Four Leaf sunglasses. Your Saint Patrick's day event is going to be a hit with these LED glasses - Featuring a built in battery, ON/OFF button and an option for blinking or steady LED light. Bring ...

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DRT1088  Party Shutter Glasses
0.66 - 1.16 / Min. Qty: 1000
These glasses are made of polychloroprene, available in different colors, and are popular for party use. Imprint print on the glass frame. You will receive great brand exposure when you distribute them in the party ...

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DRT1094  Superman Child Cape
2.39 - 4.10 / Min. Qty: 250
Superman Child Cape; Almost 20 different colors of fabric are available to meet any interest. This child cape is made of soft satin fabric featuring very large imprint area on the back. It is an ideal giveaway ...

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DRT1192  Seamless Tattoo Sleeve
0.53 - 1.05 / Min. Qty: 1000
This seamless tattoo sleeve is made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex blend knitted fabric measuring 15" L x 3.3" W. Elastic nylon fabric fits the arm tightly. This fashionable product shows personality with any complicated ...

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DRT1239  Child Superhero Cape
1.99 - 3.52 / Min. Qty: 250
These child superhero cape are made of polyester knitting. Comfortable touch, Embroidered print your own logo on it, it is very exquisite and fascinating. Hook and loop closure at neck. The size is 28" x 20", one ...

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DRT1304  Adult Super Hero Cape
2.75 - 4.64 / Min. Qty: 250
Super hero cape. Measuring 44" x 28" the cape is made of polyester knitted fabric and comes with Velcro closure. It features large imprint area 14" x 14" on the back making the great brand exposure for party and ...

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DRT1360  Crazy Fan Wig
1.27 - 2.56 / Min. Qty: 500
This eye-catching crazy fan wig is made of polyester knitted fabric and polyester hair. This is perfect giveaway for football, basketball, baseball and more sport events. Customized logo imprint on the front makes ...

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UABL049  Pumpkin LED Light
0.71 - 2.10 / Min. Qty: 300
Halloween Pumpkin LED lamp. Diam 2.4", made of PVC. White Pumpkin with colorful LED light.

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UABL050  Bobo Wig Party Wig
1.76 - 5.00 / Min. Qty: 300
Party wig, cheap wig for party. Mixed color. Stock.

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UABL051  Witch/Wizard Hat
1.37 - 6.93 / Min. Qty: 100
Witch/Wizard hat, good Props for Halloween.

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UABL052  Halloween Set: Ghost Cloth, Skeleton/Mask and Horrible Gloves
4.28 - 16.78 / Min. Qty: 50
Halloween Props. 3 in 1 set, 2 different size: 47" for adult, and 35.4" for kid Please send mail for more details.

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UABL3402  Comestic Makeup Kabuki Brush
5.02 - 8.35 / Min. Qty: 50
Nylon hair, tiny shape, can be put into your pocket or handbag, perfect for makeup or dust powder.

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UABL3403  Professional Nylon Hair Makeup Brush
5.02 - 8.23 / Min. Qty: 50
Single cosmetic brush, perfect for blush, bronzer, powder.

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UASS6015  Adult Super Hero Cape
4.00 - 6.67 / Min. Qty: 1000
Super hero capes, made of soft satin,comes with Velcro closure .It is the main props for superman game. It features large imprint area on the back making the great brand exposure for party and more events.

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UASS6016  Youth Super Hero Capes
2.00 - 4.67 / Min. Qty: 1000
Super hero capes, made of soft satin,comes with Velcro closure .It is the main props for superman game. It features large imprint area on the back making the great brand exposure for party and more events.

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DC093  Lady Cashmere Poncho
18.67 - 21.59 / Min. Qty: 50
Made of 50% acrylic, 50% polyester,imitation of cashmere. Can wear in spring autumn winter as scarf,shawl and poncho. Let your winter be filled with warmth and fashion.

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DF104  Superhero Cape
1.72 - 2.40 / Min. Qty: 100
Youth superhero cape is made of satin fabric with string tie closure, suitable for Youth people. Many sizes are available for children, youth and adult. You can display your company name, logo or message on the ...

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DL012  Super Hero Cape
1.93 - 3.23 / Min. Qty: 200
Christmas super hero capes made of dacron. Whenever on Christmas Mysterious hero come to your side. It can be suitable for all kinds of festival and print any LOGO to promotion. We can provide free samples, according ...

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DL049  Boat Socks
1.10 - 2.37 / Min. Qty: 500
Comfortable invisible summer socks no show boat socks plain footies cotton low cut socks. Eco-Friendly, no feel seamless toe sew no rub style, anti slip, sweat absorbant. Main products include sport socks; function ...

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DM031  Woven Belt
2.66 - 4.21 / Min. Qty: 200
The stretching woven belt carrys bright colors with leather and metal buckle, popular amount young people for outside activities, sports. Logos can be debossed on the leather part.

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DM054  Adult/ Youth Superhero Cape
4.90 - 6.25 / Min. Qty: 100
Made with double-layer silk satin fabric, and velcro closure. 27 1/2''W x 43''H, good for youth of 8~14 years old, height range 3.5~5 feet.

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DPAT084  Superhero Cape
2.77 - 2.98 / Min. Qty: 500
Adult superhero cape made of satin and many colors are available. Party halloween carnival costume. Large area can be print your logo

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DWT01366  Role Play Costume Deluxe Adult Cape
5.15 - 5.86 / Min. Qty: 500
Great as a party favor or gift, and has a Velcro neck closure. One size fits most perfect for dress-up, role play, stage costuming witches, vampires, royalty, and more. Also, great as a party favor or gift! This ...

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DWT8059  70g Girls' Cheerleading Pompom Hand Flower
2.17 - 6.20 / Min. Qty: 100
70g Girls' Cheerleading Pompom Hand Flower made from Aluminium-foil Fiber. Lots of colors and handles to choose from. It is very shiny for cheerleaders. Colors and length of it can be Royal blue, Yellow, Purple, ...

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DWT8090  Super Mario Costumes for Adult Suspender Trousers
26.63 - 42.32 / Min. Qty: 50
Super Mario Costumes for Adult. Includes Hat, T-shirt, suspender trousers, beard and gloves. T-shirt is flexible. There is no elastic for trousers. Size can be customized

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DWT8633  Child Super Hero Capes with Velcro Closure
4.03 - 6.09 / Min. Qty: 100
This is a double layer cape with velcro closure! Easy for children to put on and take off. It's made from satin which is glossy and shinny.There is a large imprint area on back of the cape for your logo or art. ...

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308 Products - Pg: 9 of 11 
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